How do I sign up with Alushi Models?

Click on the “BECOME A MODEL” tab and fill in the required information, not forgetting to attach pictures of yourself in accordance to the listed guidelines. Click ‘SUBMIT’ to complete your application.

How long does it take to get a response after submitting my application to join Alushi Models?

If you have not yet received a response 48 hours after submitting your application, consider your submission unsuccessful.

How do I know if my submission was successful?

One of Alushi’s bookers will be in contact via email with information about advancing onto the next phase of the application process. You’ll be issued with a date and time for a model meeting at our offices, where we’ll further explore your interests in modelling and deliberate about signing you to our agency thereafter.

What is the age range for signing with Alushi Models?

For our commercial board, we accept all ages from the age 3 years old and up.

What does it take to be a successful model?

To become a successful model, simply exercise ‘The 6 Ps’:

1.    Probe - make sure you’re well researched in seeking out the most suitable agencies to potentially represent you and carry out application inquisitions expressing your interests in joining.

2.    Practice - never miss an opportunity to work on your modelling skills and see every moment spent in front of a camera (or mirror) as a learning experience. Also consider signing up for modelling workshops with more specialised teaching tools to use to refine your skills.

3.    Persistence - anything worth having is worth working for so be sure to keep at it. It’s a guarantee that, in this industry, success is NEVER an overnight occurrence so allow yourself to fail and grow throughout your journey.

4.    Positivity - staying optimistic can be challenging when faced with constant rejection, which is an industry norm. Those who manage to succeed in this industry are generally sure of themselves and tend to exude a positive nature with very thick skin.

5.    Patience - don’t put too much pressure on yourself by attempting to manage your own unrealistic expectations, as the journey to success has its many twists and turns. Simply ride the wave and try keep an open mind along the way.

6.    Professionalism - this is the MOST IMPORTANT facet of success in this very small industry. Whether the feedback is positive or negative, word tends to travel fairly quickly so being professional, courteous and competent in managing your commitments will ultimately guarantee your success in the long-run.